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Your Home - New or Resale?

Old can be better than gold, if it ends up being the right fit for your family.

You are ready to buy a home, but have you decided on brand-new or existing?

Existing homes typically have larger bedrooms and give you more space for your money. They are often located in established neighborhoods and have developed orchards and tall trees in addition to "character".

On the other hand:

New homes can be built around your preferences: you select the tile, colors, patterns, and optional upgrades. New homes typically have energy-efficient appliances and new plumbing and electrical systems in place. They also typically have larger closets and larger master bathrooms. There is less essential maintenance, at least for the first few years; however the cost reflects the added convenience.

Dazzle of the new, or comfort and value of the old? Find out what will be a good fit for you.

What will give you the most happiness, comfort and convenience? A new home or an existing one? You may be in for a surprise about what suits you best.

Request the report to find out more.

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