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Home Inspection - Get it right the first time!

The home looks perfect! You are all set to buy it and fulfill your dream. Don't let this dream turn into a nightmare because you did not get a home inspection.

According to a study conducted by the American Society of Home Inspectors and the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® in 2001, 77% of all home buyers insisted on a home inspection prior to purchasing their property, and 97% of that group believes the service was a good value for the price.

A home inspection is the second major contingency after the financial contingency, before you decide to purchase your home. This is where you have the right to back out of the deal, if the report indicates serious problems.

It is often said: "Experience is the best teacher". Learn from the experiences of others, so that you don't fall prey to the same mistakes.

A small amount of additional time that you spend now can go a long way in preserving the safety and beauty of your home. Find out what are the "Must Inspect" areas of your house.

The checklist in this report may save you tons of money and effort in the long run.

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