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Negotiating the deal - Best Strategies

If you are selling, you want the most money for your home.

If you are buying, you want the most home for the least money.

Negotiation, no matter what it involves, is about give and take. The person with the stronger alternative, usually gets more, but in a successful negotiation both sides will end up with a compromise and no one will feel deceived or taken advantage of.

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Try to take the help of your agent, as they will help in keeping strong emotions at bay. Remember, everyone realizes that the first offer is below what you expect to pay for the property. The key to a successful negotiation is to be aware that it is a mind game. You should play up your strengths through your agent. Tell your agent to communicate that your offer is fair and that you are flexible on other factors because you are very interested in the property.

Make it the most successful deal to date by learning a few basic negotiating techniques.

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